For years, refinancing meant going to a shorter-term loan or stating over on a new loan. At Ideal Home Loans, we realize that you as a consumer need flexibility that doesn’t force you to a shorter loan or adds years back to your current loan, what you need is a you need a custom term mortgage.

Take the years you’ve already made on your current mortgage with you, and that’s Ideal Home Loans’ Custom Term Mortgage.

For example, if you’ve been in your current 30-year mortgage for six years, this leaves you 24 years left to pay. You don’t want to go to a 20-year loan because your rates will go up, and you don’t want to start over at a 30-year loan…You need a 24-year loan. That’s our Custom Term Mortgage. Call one of our salaried Lending Specialists today to get you started on your very own custom loan!